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glitching left right and centre - halp!
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#1 (permalink)      11/15/2014 10:39:27 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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glitching left right and centre - halp!
hey guys,

i'm a bit of a flashlight noob, so i'm not clued in on how to maintain them.

this is my first and only flashlight. a few weeks after receiving, it started frequently glitching. it will flicker unexpectedly, change modes, activate modes i didnt even know it had (low power strobe etc), and turn off for no reason.

i'm using good quality AW 18650 3.7v 2000mAhs with it, and it also displays the same behaviour with other batteries, and with the tailcap screwed in both loosely and firmly.

any ideas on how to fix it? thanks!
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The most common cause of problems like that is the switch. You might want to check that the pill (the part with the driver and LED) is tight in the head though. If that doesn't help, try taking the switch out and looking really closely for any corrosion on the contacts. You may need to take the switch apart, but most of the ones I've done that to are usually easy to put back together. It doesn't take very much corrosion to cause problems. Also check the spring ends that contact the batt for dirt/corrosion. A little sandpaper will normally fix those problems.

You can eliminate a switch problem by "shorting" the neg. end of the batt, to the batt tube with a metal object. Just make sure that there's no anodizing on the batt tube where you touch the metal object to. It won't hurt the light because it's not really shorting it, but just doing the same thing that the switch does. You should also be able to change the modes that way by making/breaking contact.

I had one light that gave me fits and the only thing that finally worked was tightening the switch assembly extremely tight. It still works fine after 7~8 months.

Good luck. :)
I just need one more flashlight. Just one. Honestly. :D
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thanks for the help, i will try out your suggestions and report back!