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why 22mm diameter? brass on inside of tank
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Brass is only deadly when formed into tiny cups, filled with nitrocellulose, capped with mercury fulminate at one end, and a lead slug at the other. It also helps if you put it in a handgun, press it to your temple, and then blow your brains out - which is precisely what portions of this thread make me want to do.

A pox on all lovers of doom porn. My you all choke on your vegan alfalfa sprouts, or die jogging.
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On the subject of brass tanks in general:
Lead certainly gets efficiently leeched by Alcohol... Which some Eliquids contain.

/knowingly/ exposing yourself to more Lead because you get the massive advantage of YELLOW seems dumb.

Re: this one: in another thread, someone sanded one and it seems to be steel, plated or coated. On the inside, too. What with?

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