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The tank -isn't- brass, at all (pics)
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The tank -isn't- brass, at all (pics)
In a batch with several other brass pieces, I tried to force a patina on the tank - same prep as the other pieces, scotchbrite and dishsoap rinse, followed by 8 hours of ammonia + kosher salt. The other pieces took a patina as expected, the aqua tank did nothing at all.

I don't know exactly what it is, but: a) it's non-ferrous, b) based on the brass color not being in part of the aqua logo (I scraped out the black pigment prior to the attempt), it appears to be a surface coating, c) it's not a clear coat (would've felt it during the scotchbrite), d) it's a very durable coating (to get through the scotchbrite). Perhaps heat treatment, but I thought that was vulnerable to mild abrasives?

Anyway; I'm annoyed, as I'd hoped to have the tank exterior nicely patina'd to match some other pieces, but no luck - though I guess it's good for those who were worried about brass in contact with their juice.

edit: pic post-light sanding:

Note the brass color only exists in the engraved area now. Doubt I can return it at this point, and at least it vapes well (and the hybrid to the 4nine is nice), but desc is way off on both material and size.

Edited on 7/18/2014 at 5:45 AM. Reason: added post-sanding image
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its plated keep going you go thru a layer of nickle a layer of copper then the base metal will be brass then you can force a patina