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Fixed Muted Taste although I dont know why
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#1 (permalink)      7/29/2015 11:39:15 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Fixed Muted Taste although I dont know why
Bought 2 Kanger Sub Mini tanks here at FT in March.
It appears that they are V1 versions, not V2, even today I believe.

Posts elsewhere suggest that these bell caps do not work on V2.
They work on mine. Must be v1 and not V2 as I suspected

I have spoken of a muted taste no matter how many times I have tried rebuilding, cleaning in every possible way one does with attys, a few attempts afterwards with my ultrasonic cleaner to no avail

Figured i would try one last time for my partner also thought the taste was muted on both of them.
Before hand I would say the taste was 65% out of 100.

I have tried both ohms available for OCC coils as well as the TC versions but none would give me the depth of taste I wanted.

Took off the whole tank part and rewrapped using the very same Kanathal as before, no change, wrapping at 24g, 5 wraps on a tiny blue screwdriver which is 2mm for 0.5 ohms
But I used this mini bell cap instead.

Not only does it look better, but it works much better now.
No longer 65% but about 97%.

Wont ever be my favourite tank but I just vaped on it for 30+ mins without reaching once for my other ones, right beside it, which says a lot :)

Still, I think, the best rebuildable tank for someone new to rebuilding to learn upon.
Its so easy to build.

But, just wanted to let any others that felt as I did about its muted taste and the subsequent improvement, that this bell cap might make a difference for you as well.
Its worth the $2 hit if it saves a tank u dont really enjoy.

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I've built ten of these using the clone V1 bases, with both OCC heads and RBA heads. All seem to have good flavor and vapor, I use them as knock around RTAs on my Cloupor minis when out and about in the shed and yard. I've busted a couple and ran the mower over one. For the cost of them I can not beat them. And they will take quite a bit of abuse.