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Attack Of The Clones...But Which One?
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#1 (permalink)      5/14/2019 8:01:59 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Attack Of The Clones...But Which One?
Surprised & please to see clones of bothe the Dead Rabbit & Serpent Elevate RTAs on the same day. Question is, which one to buy (probably don't need either)? Do like the looks of this resin/rainbow Rabbit.
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Dead Rabbit RTA is an over-hyped piece of shit. One look at how the air flows should be enough to tell you that it's garbage. So... literally anything else. :D
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I have the authentic Serpent Elevate RTA, it is an interesting one. They brought the coil way way up for flavor. It is a bit picky on the build/wick. I like it but I have two blitzen RTA's sitting in front of me, and an Aug vape Boreas v2, both dual coil because it is what I like better, but also both better then the Serpent Elevate.

Dead rabbit I have not been eager to try. I am not with Superdonkey exactly, my gripe is the length the liquid has to travel up the cotton to the deck. I can't say it does not work well because I don't own it, but that is one gripe with the Elevate RTA that I have.

Honestly the next thing I buy will probably be a third blitzen or a steam crave in the same style as the blitzen. It's older get a cheaper authentic over the clone. Honestly I feel like you can tell what was good by how long the price stayed higher.