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My experience with FastTech support thus far @Anniepan
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#1 (permalink)      6/4/2018 5:11:46 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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My experience with FastTech support thus far @Anniepan
Alrighty, for brevity's sake this will be mostly a copypasta from my recent ongoing conversation with support about receiving a DOA device.
Aaaaaannd que Benny Hill theme....

#1 (Me, the day after I got my order)
The URUS 100W mod worked for 6 puffs, and has lost connection via the 510 pin. I have tried multiple atomizers, none of which are recognizing on the device. However these all work just fine on 3 other mods that I own. I have contacted HugoVapor as well and have not received any form of response. If needed I can reply (when I am not at work) with pictures of atomizers functioning on my devices but not recognizing on the URUS 100W.

posted 4 days ago
by  staff

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The supplier requires proof of defect for warranty. Would you mind provide us a video to show the problem? Since our ticket system don't support attaching video, please upload it via first and post the link here. Note that for company compliance reasons, please include the respective order number, while don't include any reference to or your contact information in the video. After receiving your video, we will proceed to resolve the case for you soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.

posted 3 days ago
by you

posted 3 days ago
by  staff

Thank you for providing us the video. We apologize for the product problem. We should do better in the product quality control. Could you please have the item repaired in a local repair shop? Please inquiry about the repair costs for this. Inform us about how much it will cost to repair. We will consider if it is acceptable to repair it in your place and give you a refund for the repair costs. Sorry for the trouble. Hope we can work it out.

posted 2 days ago
by you

I live in a rural area and both of our two vape shops don't do repairs on items not purchased in their store. A friend of mine who works at one also explained that it would cost more labor wise than the actual price paid.

-- via FastTech app

posted 7 hrs 29 mins ago
by  staff

Sorry for the issue. We shall work on to improve the quality control process. Is it possible to keep this item, we would like to refund $10 to solve this issue. Please kindly advise so we can proceed accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

posted 8 mins 58 secs ago
by you

Are you joking? The item was $28 and arrived broken.

Alright, lol. Thus goes my ticket so far. Is this standard procedure here to end up pawn shop style bartering with support or what?

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+2 details
Yup, you'll have to haggle a bit, but you'll eventually get a full refund. I assume it's like they're policy to lowball to save money. Add @Anniepan to the title of this so she can look at the ticket.
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Hello jdubz,

Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

I will check the issue detail and offer the DOA warranty for you within 24 hours. Please don't worry, we will help you solve the issue as sooner as possible.

Thanks for your patience.