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Notice--Fasttech stops shipping E-cigarette Products to Greece temporarily
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#31 (permalink)      6/20/2018 10:39:28 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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kalligator wrote:

@Anniepan why are bottles still blocked from posting? They are clearly exempt from the ban and I personally have ordered many times in the past year from here and elsewhere without any problems whatsoever.Taking things up with CS can lead to multiple days of delay as they usually answer once per day, losing out on holiday discounts as there's no-one to around to place the order in, or some funny situations like asking for shipping upgrades while well above the $20 limit, no quantity discount, etc. See ticket Q0603JJRRD for example.

Hello kalligator,

Sorry for the delay response.

Because of the strict custom security checking in Green, so we do not ship any E-cigs products to your country at present. We have created the order for you at this time, if there is no problem of the custom duty, we will forward the good news to our company and release the bottles. For the discount, we also answered in ticket, pleas kindly check. Thank you.

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u send e packet...2 .8 to me....i wait for deliver....but now ican't order day.!
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Release the wires cottons and drip tips men