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Shipping to Canada
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#1 (permalink)      7/26/2019 8:37:30 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Shipping to Canada
Why is epacket to Canada taking close to a month and sometimes more? I used to receive my orders in 5 to 10 days. I have a bunch of stuff I am waiting on that was ordered June 14th and still has not arrived. I am in Calgary Alberta.
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Depends on when it was purchased, whether it went through Njing.
I too had a couple of orders that took 3 weeks to show up in Canada, after having left China but I received them both earlier this week.
If your packages went that way, they will take a good month.

Since then they have redirected them and I have had about 6 or 7 land in about 2 weeks.
Guess with packages being redirected, it slowed down the other ones coming in....maybe.

Mine where shipped out on the 27th of June but at least one I believe I had ordered 7 business days before that.
So its possible yours got caught up the same way and should arrive soon.

One of the two just arrived here on Wed - 29 days later

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There has been more than a little bit of political/diplomatic playing at silly buggers going on for the last little while. Packages were being stopped for... reasons. You know - crooked label, spelling mistakes, packages suspected of once having been in a truck with other things that may have been ordered by somebody whose cousin Jake is left-handed. Perfectly sensible reasons. Mostly in China.

It seems to have (mostly) cleared up now, but anything that got caught up in the "security measures" while things were hot may still take some time to make it through the queue.
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Hello trimaxis,

Sorry for the wait.

Due to strict security checking at China customs, the shipping speed of some packages are delayed, it may need to take 7-15 working days for delivery. Your package should be delivered in one week if there is no problem on the shipping way. Hope you will be patient to wait. We do really appreciate.

Wish all of our friends a great weekend.
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I haven't had any redirected in China, but things have always moved slower in the summer. I assume it's due to CP employees taking holidays and either being short staffed or temp employees filling in