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FT No longer guarantees safe delivery @anniepan
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#1 (permalink)      8/1/2019 5:01:52 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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FT No longer guarantees safe delivery @anniepan
@anniepan could you please confirm that this staff member is correct in the way their dealing with this issue. So because it was sent with a plastic envelope which wasn't fit for posting & no wondered it arrived bashed up & missing one item with the holes in the envelope. My only recourse is to claim via Royal Mail who weren't the original senders? So it seems FT no longer guarantees safe delivery of items, if this is the case.

posted 23 hrs 38 mins ago
by you
So your not going to do anything understanding is....So no longer then does FT guarantees safe delivery of orders. Disgraceful
posted 43 mins 9 secs ago
by Staff
Sorry but we did sent 9701863.
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Hello ironclad,

Sincerely sorry to hear about the issue.

According to the photos you offered, it seems the package was stolen/damaged by someone else on the shipping way. We do really sorry about this. We have forwarded the issue to our warehouse and asked them to pack the items well to make sure it is safe on shipping. We have also requested to our shipping carrier to check the issue and help us find out the problem.

How about we resend replacements of the damaged and missing items? Please let us know your opinion in ticket. We do really appreciate your trust and support.

Wish you a great day.

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Thank you Anniepan, well I was shocked with the lack of any additional packaging & no bubble wrap on the metal plaque could rip the corners of the plastic envelope very easily & especially given the plaque was so badly beaten, hence loose items fall out of the holes.

Normally FT packaging is well wrapped, even drip tips in the pots get a bubble wrap but not this time.

Have replied via ticket, Thank you again Anniepan
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Great result for customer and FastTech. Well done Anniepan.