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Quality of product Taste Best mint I tried
...but it's simply great!
It's definitely a peppermint, and a strong one. It's like vaping the green syrup you put on the snow cone or you use to make soft drinks, but has an added flavour that I can't identify, that fits very well with it, though. The closest flavour I can think of, would be the one of mentholated snuff tobacco, one that I tried when I was a kid, quite tasty and nice.
It might be that it's just a strong peppermint, as you can't really smell that but only get that taste when you vape it, but whatever is the case, it's just the best mint I've tried so far.
There's definitely menthol in it, so it's really refreshing, but just the menthol that peppermint naturally contains (menthol is extracted from peppermint), just don't expect this is JUST menthol.
Really, I can't describe how good and tasty this is, so just buy it and try for yourself. If you like mint, you'll love this!

Whatever the flavour you choose, anyway, with Liqua you're usually sure you'd like it, even though some are not that strong. These, however, seem to always have the right amount of nicotine listed and nothing else added in the liquid, like sweeteners or anything other than the usual PG/VG/water and flavour base.
The bottle is well built and can be reused for your DIY, the cap closes well and it comes sealed, with expiration date clearly shown on the bottle.
To me, Liqua is the safe spot in the e-liquids market, where you can always go to find good and safe products.
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