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Good quality product Taste
Probably a little too weak
This is the 4th Liqua I tried and the 3rd which isn't strong enough, although this is almost there.
The taste is really nice and there isn't really a predominating citrus flavour in it, but you can definitely taste that there's orange, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine, only that their flavours are very well mixed so there's not one that you can feel more than others. If you like citrus flavours, this one is great, and can be an all day vape, I know because it's the only one that I've tried so far that I can vape all day, in all occasions, without any problem. Delicious when far from meals, delicious before, during and after meals, delicious after brushing my teeth...this doesn't seem to go bad with any other taste out there. May also be good when mixed with other flavours like tea, cola, tobaccos and mints, although I haven't tried it yet.
Try to eat a chocolate bar and vape this while doing so...amazing :)

Whatever the flavour you choose, anyway, with Liqua you're usually sure you'd like it, even though some are not that strong. These, however, seem to always have the right amount of nicotine listed and nothing else added in the liquid, like sweeteners or anything other than the usual PG/VG/water and flavour base.
The bottle is well built and can be reused for your DIY, the cap closes well and it comes sealed, with expiration date clearly shown on the bottle.
To me, Liqua is the safe spot in the e-liquids market, where you can always go to find good and safe products.
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