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- Same quality as an authentic T3S as far as I can tell - The cover is very resilient to scratches and damage, and even water - Cheap
For its price, it's pretty much a must for BCC lovers like myself. I have an authentic T3 and a T3S, but wanted something cheaper and with some sort of protection for when I go outside, and this one is just perfect.
I can't really tell any difference between this and the authentic T3S, they both work perfectly fine and even share the same coil heads.
I like to see the liquid inside so I usually buy clear types of BCCs, but this one has that black cover that I wanted to have to protect the clearomizer from scratches and other damages, and it works really well. It feels like it's made of metal, and it does its job in protecting the device. The black color is also resistant to use, and after some months of utilization, it doesn't have a single scratch on it. Note that I also often wash my atomizers in water to clean them, and I didn't have any problem in doing so with this.
It doesn't leak nor taste of plastic, and I've been using these with any kind of liquid, even made with a good concentration of citrus essential oils and it didn't crack.
Last but not least, it's also cheaper than an authentic T3S.

After seeing how good it was, I soon bought a second one and I'm really happy with them.
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