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+ price + easy to use and very practical + + Dualcoil large screws, + no tools required!
-when is the glass tank would be integrated into the stainless steel tank good idea!
If you find this description (my opinion) helpful, then please this "description with helpful Rate + or give suggestion in the forum, so the manufacturer and Fastech is attentive and make this product better for us;-)

Aqua, simply place it on the head and base unscrew, fill and tap. Finish looks here:

The max with the normal capacity is 3ml if you fill it up using the upside down technique. If you fill it up from the top it is about 1.6 to 2ml tops.

I have Both the Tobecco version and the Hot Version Which looks like it might also be this one. I really like them both but hope they come up with a larger capacity version since I go through juice way too quick.
I highly recommend using this technique as it does not leak so I usually get Which at first if I fill from the top with Both tanks.

See here:
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