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Great starting point
Need sum love
So I finely got my aqua and origin mod and wow they do look great together. How ever had to do sum modding to make these work great. First thing I did was built a dual coil on this atty but it was to hot. It could not wick fast enough or flow air fast enough to keep up with the build. So I tore that down and built a 1.8 coil and yes it was okay. This did not produce the best or enough vaper for me. The flave was so so. Now at this point waisting 20 mins or so I decided the hell with it. So as I have to do with almost everything I get I modified the little bastard. I drilled out all the air holes inside on the deck and out side through the atty air flow holes also. plus than i drilled sum out of the bottom of the chimney and on into the top of it also. I even took a bit out of the larger one of the two drip tips provided in this kit . Just for good measures . After that I took two 3 mm silica wicks wrapped a 7 to 8 kanthal 32 gage coil around them and wicked it down in to the 4 the liquid channels . I did this carefully and then snuged everything back up together. Then I tested it and It ohmed out at 1.1 and works killer with one hella great vape. What a whore it is now plus wicks great too .with massive clouds of flave that just rocks this origin mod. As a bonus I also Improved the mod sum too I fixed the switch throw on the mod . I pulled off that button bottom o ring and then added a thicker one to hold that button switch in place better. Then I added a small accent to that shitty looking bottom bottom. And now I have a killer set up It was just needing a little love.... I wouldn't recommend these to people unless you are willing to make your gear your own .or maybe to people who are fresh off a ego type set ups.. But if u want it bad ass u have to make it that way your self . I would say that these two products are about 65 percent there at best when you get them . If you want them to really perform good you have to do the work your self after that they can really rock your ass off....Anyways now mine dose!!!... happy vape all..
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