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design build quality ease of use flavor
top piece oring no replacement top caps in FT, but that's not really a con of this particular item.
excellent product for a fantastic price. Two of these for the price of one wasp nano is a steal. Building is easy, wicking is a breeze, really hard to oversquonk.
the flavor is on par with all of the single coil flavor squonk atties, which is great!
the only real con with mine is the top piece oring - i replaced it with the replacement that was supplied, however that oring is also too fat.
an additional con for me is the fact that there are no replacement plastic top caps on FT for the basic RDA, however, that's more of a "nice to have" thing than a real con.
all in all, because of the price, this looks like the top rda for new squonkers and IMO way better for newbies than a wasp nano.
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