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Meters are accurate Charges up to 2.8A (Listed as 2.4A) Doesn't feel cheap Nice clicky button
I asked for milk in my coffee and it only had cream available, not a big deal but thought I should mention it.
This thing actually looks pretty great, has a nice gloss finish, the screen is bright enough that it's easily read but not so bright as it's annoying, the button has nice feedback and you can definitely tell when its been pressed by feeling the click, while it does have an audible click it's not loud enough or a high pitch one so as to be annoying.

I ran this thing through some tests, I ran down my Vaporesso Revenger and Swag mods which both have high charging rates down to about 40% capacity for this test.

For the first test I stuck my USB Voltage/Amp monitor in, plugged in the revenger and both the charger block and my usb monitor read the same amperage/voltage, unplugged the revenger and plugged in the swag, same thing, tested again with my cellphone and a 18650 battery charger that uses a micro usb connection and the readings were accurate every time.

Second test was to determine max amp output, since I determined the built in meters seem accurate I removed my usb monitor so I could fit two usb cables into it. I plugged in both the revenger and the swag at the max amp output was 2.8A and not the 2.4A listed in the description which definitely surpassed my expectations when I first ordered this.

Well this thing is definitely decent quality, I hope it lasts a long time, I've already ordered another one and two more fresh USB cables to go with it and the next time I order vape mail I'll probably toss in another, I may do some early Christmas shopping and order a bunch for my family if this is still kicking it in a few months..

Thanks for reading!
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