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Authentic Smoant Pasito 1100mAh VW Pod System Starter Kit
Authentic Smoant Pasito 1100mAh VW Pod System Starter Kit


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- Looks gorgeous - Great vape experience, good taste - Very portable - Large battery and tank for it's size - 3 coil sizes for regular, nicsalt and rba use
- Location of the firing button is not ideal for thumb operation - Usb-c port doesn't work with regular usb-c charger, need to use the included usb-a to usb-c cable - Installed coil doesn't limit wattage selection, can be set too high quite easily for low power coils - Colored leds for the power level would have been nice
Premium vape experience for the price, could use some small improvements to make it perfect. The biggest drawback is that the firing button is located in the middle of the device, which means that you fire it with your middle finger which is not ideal. You can turn it around and fire it with your thumb instead, which is more natural, but this requires a slightly uncomfortable hand position so i expect most people will choose to use the middle finger instead. See this photo for reference:
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