It's wider, but not too wide for my small hands,(narrower than my current small phone) and shorter than Evic mini.

did i just read that correctly?
your hands are shorter than an evic mini?

No, that can't be right...

@ipico TBH, I think that the iStick 30 was a better vape than the pico, at least in wattage mode. I haven't used it in SS in TC. Using TC less and less. I am happy with kanthal as I am with SS in wattage mode. Actually, in the end, I prefer kanthal. Simple, easy. I am done, personally putting any more energy into vaping, beyond actually vaping if that makes sense.

Therion DNA75

Wasn't looking for myself.
I am perfectly content with the SX Q, earlier SX M and as soon as i make it to the store, will pick up a ML class as well.
I am just bored with the whole vape thing, personally so rarely excited about any of it-the SX Minis, are alike a Volvo.
They just work beautifully, no hassle, etc.