I just got the information from FT that the mod is now in status "Discontinued", and they want to know which other item(s) I like to get instead.
Unbelievable... I ordered as soon as it was here, which was in July ! And now they tell me its not comming at all...
F**K... I am really disappointed, its not FT error, but the manufacturer... really, this should not be possible, as I ordered it and payed it. So in business terms there is a contract wich was broken now.Can FT maybe put some pressure on them, as I think I won't be the only one who pre-ordered it ?
FT mail:
Thank you for your waiting.

Sorry to inform you that the item https://www.fasttech.com/products/3008/10072739/9741153 has been discontinued now and we could not get it any more.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!