macranife wrote:

just ordered a 21700 battery tube for it (elsewhere)

So you can convert the Mixx into a 21700 mod? That's a huge plus if so.
All you guys seem to love the Mixx, guess I pick one up when it's on sale somewhere.
I also love the look of the balance(clone sood here). So tiny so cute, only reason i haven't bought it yet because I think it's a bit overpriced... Not expensive but don't know if that clone worth that money they ask for it here.
Also like the converter too, because it is the cleanest mod I ever saw. I don't really care that you can made it into a regulated tube mod... But it is so simple. No pointless usb port that I'll never use, no pointless buttons, only one button, and I don't even need more, I find the wattage I use once then I usually don't even tuch it anymore. Also you can rotate the button (and the atomizers air intake). So yeah... Clean and simple, and also a bit pricy for what it relly is, still not an expensive mod but you can buy better for taht knd of money (referring to the prices here on ft) :D
But surely will pick up a Mixx tho'. So thanks all the suggestion. Also is it worth to buy coloured mixx? How fast will the paint wear off?

Ps: you guys said the supbox is fat for 22mm attys... Thats okay really, I hope I'll like that kind of pod system, if so I definitely pick up an SXK BB too maybe even a DNA version. Any must have accessories/RBAs for the supbox if i like it tight and rebuildable? I pref af between 0,8-1,2mm.