MotoBlue wrote:

You can slag Vic off as much as you want but he has serious health issues that stopped him from working. He admits to being clumsy, almost blind at times and repeats himself ad nauseum but he is the only reviewer I know of who gives away most of what he receives for review. Through entering the giveaway on his weekly show, I have won juice, drippers, mods and full kits. He has said he is currently assembling 30 boxes of kit for a charity giveaway. He has never padded out his output with reviews for skateboards or magic water. What happens to the kit that other reviewers receive for review? Sold on Ebay perhaps. He refuses to review disposables and rebadged pod kits unlike other reviewers and recently had to pay over £300 to have unsolicited disposables recycled.

Doesn't stop him being a lying, narcissistic control freak who, in his mind is never wrong.

As stated by Vic himself this is his full time job. Someone with serious health issues wouldn't go and rent offices for themselves, go to said same offices and work there on an almost daily basis.

Why would he pay over £300 to have unsolicited disposables recycled when he can dispose of them for free in at least three different ways? What are the majority of items in the 30 boxes of kit he's preparing for a charity giveaway? Disposables.

True, he doesn't pad out his content with reviews of skateboards, magic water, knives, cameras and other non vape related products. Instead he name drops build stands, batteries, cotton, e-liquid, pliers, screwdrivers, coils, repeats himself and waffles on ad nauseum.