Okay, back to the mod.

I had an issue, 2 in fact, since HEAVILY using this mod for three days straight, and it's worth mentioning, as this mod is twice the price of regular mods.

The mod is cool in 18350 mode, and actually performs very well for a short time with .5, 28 watt DoggyStyle on top. Cute, very pocketable. In my opinion, they should have left this function out, as it is the main reason the 18650 mode can be a little "janky" at times.

It's the seam where the mod breaks apart. As mentioned, in 18350 mode the mod is perfect, as there is no seam, no battery tube to tighten. Just a tiny dna 60 mod, minus the usb c, with a standard screw in battery cap.

In 18650 mode, The mod, unless tightened very well on the battery tube, will loosen at times, and the seam never "seems" to close up all the way. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but this mod should be used one way or the other. !8350 mode adds 2 torq screws to hold on the bottom adapter, while 18650 mode needs to be screwed extremely tight in order to look and perform it's best. It REALLY sucks that 18350 mode loses the USB C, but even so, this IS the best/only/number 1 DNA60 18350 mod available in the mainstream, and it's worth having if that's your jam.

I wish the 18650 mode was 1 piece and more streamlined, leaving out the "jack of all trades" approach and concentrating on the underserved "medium end" vape market. Still, even with a couple minor flaws, this mod has stayed in my pocket all week since getting it. It's not quite as thin and light as my Stab Alieno, or as small as the Stratum V4, but it's easily in my top 5 current fav 18650 mods.