airwinny wrote:

As someone who has waterboarded people into buying Dvarws, it pains me to say my current favorite RTA is the Haar RTA. Jubby will kill me or at least kick me out of Dvarw-Nation.

The Haar has an annoying top fill system, with a top cap without any knurling. Because of the top fill it has a juice flow control that I regularly forget to open after filling. The Dvarw functions so much easier.

The Haar has this bottom ring that keeps the deck in place, a ring that regularly loosens up ever so slightly when adjusting the airflow ring right above it, making the whole tank wobble. The Dvarw is so much more hassle-free.

But, damn, that flavor. Outstanding RTA.

That might be the single worst Haar plug I've ever heard, lol! But, i get you...flavor has a way of making you overlook "minor inconveniences", lol.

I haven't liked the Haar too much, but I only vape one juice in RTAs, and it just happens to not get along well with the Haar. I had much the same problem with another critically lauded tank, the Tripod.

In other news, I made a SERIOUS OMMISION in my post earlier. The Monarch J3S RTA is what the Dvarw could have been with a better deck design and efficient coil trapping. If you dig tighter airflow, you'll need the separate air inserts. It also is bottom fill, and works much like a Dvarw.

J3S: SKU 9731914 MTL inserts: SKU 9731916