Sorry, but I kinda see where some of you are coming from, but the ULTIMATE vaping chip "officially" released this year, the 100c. THE chip that everyone has wanted since 21700s appeared...almost making larger dual 18650 mods extinct, from a practicality standpoint. That alone to me trumps all atty designs or Billet color choices.

2020 was COVID, which slowed releases, but the rise of the Billet/ Boro device has FINALLY hit the mainstream in 2021, resulting in literally DOZENS of viable, portable, AIO options (with a clone-maker leading the charge, unbelievably!)

..And of course, the high-end market leads the way with innovation in materials, with carbon fiber taking a back seat to Juma and Micarta, all while SLS 3D printing gets better, and cheaper. Thermo-plastics get stronger and lighter, making the horror of broken glass a distant memory, if we choose. All these things do trickle down in time to mainstream products in some capacity, usually.

Squonks and SBS style mods still have room to be creative and grow, and atomizers have diverse airflow options that tailor the experience to the user.

We can't go back to the wide-eyed wonder of being noobs again, but what a much more sophisticated, quality level of gear we have to choose from, and even cheap clones are top-notch. We do have to be willing to expand our horizons a bit, nothing ever stays completely the same. I'm happy with less, more refined gear choices, like we have now...just support your local cloner, because we can't afford to lose any more!