Andy.lion wrote:

Richy is just a little englander that has a crush on used to be shelagh stone and made far too many ‘wall of text’ off topic posts on here, 33,000 if I remember rightly all of them about her and usually hijacking threads in the process. She eventually got banned because she was such a pain in the arse and started trolling the forum with half a dozen alts and being as disruptive as possible. Richy started white knighting for her because of his crush and became known as the poodle because he was just shelagh’s Lapdog. What burns richy is that the entire forum laughed at him so now he snarls at anyone who shelagh doesn’t like and he’s made some pretty vile posts over the years including one gleefull post about my 9 year old daughter being raped by Muslims. Shelagh then spent years trolling and attempting to doxx people, including me, who she thought had got her knocked of the “top poster” slot. So basically it’s all about shelagh/ If you like her, fine, but don’t get sucked into her and richys shit. Basically anyone on here that shelagh calls a troll is someone that probably told her to shut up five years ago and got mercilessly trolled by her for years. All the old school that eternalspine was talking about earlier left because of shelagh and the shit spammer.

I can be fine with you and you can be fine with me or we can just ignore each other, no skin off my dick either way mate.

Pretty vile re arranging of the truth as per usual Andy !!