RattyRat wrote:

well Speed Rev bf pin fits into the Berserker, only problem it's too long. With a little diy it can work.

So is this SKU 9630609 you have in ur picture?

carrion4worm wrote:

Curious as to why you would want to squonk with the Berserker - did they make a rda early on?

Vandy make 2 berserker BF RDA v1 and v2. No longer on FT.

carrion4worm wrote:

If you provide more specific BF pin skus, I'll try to help further. For instance, I have the SXK Radius V2, and a few of those 20mm NoName clones as well - I'd have to "dig them up", lol!

I just see FT has BF pins and wonder if they can fit any on my list. All I know about is FT has these https://www.fasttech.com/category/3052/replacement-parts?sort=r&keywords=Bottom+feeder+pin but maybe more?