Skeeeets wrote:

For the last 10ish years I've been "weening" off consoles, as I move around a lot I had taken interest in projectors for on the go type gaming, trying to keep hardware to a minimum so I'm not lugging a bunch of crap between houses and rooms. Also don't find myself playing too many new titles as graphics are more important in development instead of the actual gameplay. I still have my PSP with every old game imaginable, I just need to stop procrastinating and solder a new battery into it, it's just a pain in the ass with micro electronics.

While i appreciate the suggestion for a new game system, I'm trying to find(hopefully) a new set of contact triggers for thick phones. I was able to enjoy using the gamesir falcon on the razer phone, but could not find anything that fit my main phone. I was on this search last year and only solution was a pair of suction cup triggers. While the suction cups work, the constant maintenance to keep the rubber functional is getting annoying long term.

I am hopeful the technology has advanced a bit and some company somewhere designed something for thick phones(or phones with cases on).

I just go a new battery from my old hacked psp. I think it was something like dev5. But I lost all of my games and now I need to learn to rehack it with new firmware because I forgot how to do it.