carrion4worm wrote:

Logical doesn't apply here, that's why some folks somehow think a simple post about a PC, with no advertising, is spam. Old folks are so cute!...and to OP, IF you are genuine: (and there's no reason why they wouldn't be, despite a chance they could be some "new, advanced" "spammer":. No, that's too much for a used, mid level computer, at least here in the US. 1000.00 can buy the most powerful gaming PC, and if you don't game, or host a network, you just don't need the excess power,'s like a 300hp car on a 55mph highway...much will be unused. Now, wait 3 weeks, go and edit this post for nefarious purposes, lol...Hilarious, this place isn't worthy of "past tense, secret advertising"...once a thread falls off the front page, no one will see it, lol, And Cilika makes a dozen threads like this a week, followed by Skeets....maybe they are "secret spammers from the future" also?

This site should hopefully clear things up:

No one here will see it but search engines will.