You know, if this were only a rare thing it would be different, it seems like every time they roll out something new it is the same old broken record! Most businesses would learn by the mistakes, and do everything they could do to correct them, not just say we are sorry, your package will eventually ship.

That is fine, if that is the way they want to do things, then, it is, what it is, hell, no matter what they do some will be happy, and think nothing is wrong. I really can't see ordering anything new from them anymore. Wicking, batteries, low demand items, yes, the latest clones, not so much.

Ghost has a legit gripe, if your happy with FT service the way it is, good for you, some of us would like to see the old FT return, and the more voices speak out, the better the chance we will see improved service. Glitch, or not, this is a repeat story for FT, these glitches are way to frequent.