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#11 (permalink)      1/12/2014 7:30:01 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Why do you buy from ft? Is it because you like them, so you decided to do them a favour. You thought to yourself 'I can get this mod cheaper and quicker from elsewhere but I feel like donating some money to ft cos I'm that kinda guy'

You buy from ft because they're cheaper then anywhere else in 95% of cases. They offer free shipping, they stock a hell of a lot of items and are adding more daily. The day they stop that you'll go elsewhere. So why the fuck should they be grateful?

This self entitled bullshit is hilarious. I spent £250 with ft, saving myself probably twice that if I had bought elsewhere, I received all my items in perfect working order and enjoy them immensely. I've also ordered stuff from other places and found them to be of poorer quality then ft (nemesis from vb feels flimsy compared to ft).

So I guess ft should suck me off for doing them the honour of allowing them to save me money?
#12 (permalink)      1/17/2014 5:28:52 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The reason we are buying From FT is you can buy these thing for a good price, they bring the goods, so we can not only see them on flashy sites. But also can buy them. It are hard times and not everyone have a lot of money to spent on these extras. I bought a lot of things here from taifun gt, svoemesto, igo-w,v5, aios, M16 and chi you and more stuff. And must say never must waiting longer then a month to get my stuff.For example i oredered the aqua yesterday and was marked delivered in 5 day, on my order was shipping date 24/1/2014 marked. And get the conformation today that its was shipped today 17/01/2014. So i must say there is nothing wrong with FT they do what they promise. I keep to be a regular client i am 100% satisfied of the service, price and products. All the things i bought here are stil less money then when i bought on of these originals in europe. For me is a hobby to try these things out, cant affort to by these as originals.

And as example i love the igo w3 i try to buy these on a american site but they do not ship to europe, so i take a look at Ebay. Find a example cost 18$ shipment cost 17.50$ and will arrived 14 à 20 day's later. So no sorry i'll have find my provider for my vaping needs Fast tech.

I'll think and this is my experience FT ships for 90% as they promise, but the last time my goods are laying 11 days at the customs and it takes another 5 à 6 days to get the goods in belgium so my oppinion is not the service from FT but the times it takes to pass the customs and ship

But for me its okay, i know the goods are comming, i have enough other vaping gear to fill the time while waiting. They send it for free, so stop complaining. When you buy here you have to calculate some waiting time. everyone has the freedom to buy your stuff somewhere else. But you always come back here. So be a little possitive and take a good vape while you waiting. And you are gonna be verry happy when its finally arrived, when you open the package and see these beautifull things at the cheap price, build your coils, fill your tank relax take a vape and think by yourself, its was worth for waiting.