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[Your] best setup on this? Or best setup for big/thick clouds? Anyone modding the airflow?
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+2 details
Of course.
The Vamo doesn´t have a limit in watts, the limit is the result of other limitations.
In stacked configuration the Vamo is limited to 5 amps, and requires a minimum resistance of 1.2 ohm.
Calculate it yourself, if you set it in VV mode to 6 volts with a coil of 1.2 ohm (or dual coil with 2x 2.4 ohm) it reaches precisely 5 amps and that gives 30 watts.

But thats the output at the atomizer end, for the batteries that´s a different story.
Stacked batteries run double their voltage, meaning between 6.4 and 8.2 volts.
If you calculate the amps required to reach 30 watts at an average voltage of 7.5 volts, that´s

30 watts / 7.5 volts = 4 amps

Even if you drain the batteries down to the edge where the Vamo shuts off at 6.4 volts, the batteries have to provide no more than 4.7 amps.
About any battery on the market nowadays can handle that.

If you try to drain 30 watts from a single battery close to empty, you have

30 watts / 3.2 volts = 9.375 amps

and aside of Konions and a few rare others there aren´t many batteries that can handle such load continuously and the discharge curve is near vertical downwards.
In stacked configuration 2x NCR18650B button top last multiple times longer.
They don´t even get warm.

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EDIT: didn't see Silvia's follow up comment. #'s based on the 1.25 ohm mentioned in first post.

Stacking in a regulated device (like the Vamo, SVD, MVP, etc) is fine and Silvia's build is only 4.8 amps so safe on many ICR batteries. I haven't tried that particular build, but my concern would be the responsiveness. Even with stacked batteries, my old Vamo would take a second to warm up the coil over 5 volts. IMR's might improve that, but haven't tried.

The main reason I switched to mechanicals was the responsiveness.

@mindkill, I think I'll try that build next :) I tried a dragon on one coil with flavor wick spliced on the other this weekend. Turned out ok, but not much better than standard 0.6 ohm micro's build.

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ICR batteries are kinda out of fashion.
Lucky for me I got into high power vaping when IMR's were already on the market.
I love the Panasonic NCR18650B button top, even though the Vamo becomes really long when stacking two of them, 2x 3400mAh make them last real long.

Call it exaggerating, but last week I got myself an E-Huge (that´s the latest Vamo for 26650 batteries) including extension tube.
The included batteries are junk, printed on 5000mAh but measured not even half that.
I got myself some XTAR 26650 which have a measured capacity of 4200mAh.
Times two ..... I haven´t had to recharge them yet.
There are 10 types of PC users, those who can read binary code and the others.
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Ghost.. can you hang a pic of your file job?