iggys wrote:

I have noticed it charges different batteries at different rates and peaks.. Some will charge all the way to 4.2v while others are 4.18ish Volts.. The D2 will charge some batteries at less than 500mAh or half amp.. Some of it I believe is the type of battery chemistry limiting the charge rate and the health of the battery it's self.. I'm sure someone on FT forums is a charging wonk and knows how that works.. Doubling the life of your batteries would more than pay for the D2 over a years worth of use so I hope that's true.. My i4 hardly ever gets used now..

I noticed that when the charge gets close to full, then the D2 mA starts fluctuating (below or above 500 mA), until it reaches full charge (4.16-4.17V). And that's constant behavior at least with all 18xxx batteries.

joaopra wrote:

My i2 charges until around 4.17V depending on the battery or at least that is what my lame multimeter reads.

I2? If you mean D2, then that's my experience too...