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white bottles? not what I purchased, they look like glue bottles
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Not yet I am tempted though it's properly cheap for 30ml and in a glass dropper bottle.
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it's good there not clear UV of sun
is bad for juice .
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lightofjah wrote:

Seen as fasttech have stiffed us on this I'll show you where all your glassware and plastic dropper bottles should be purchased.

Cream supplies Google it if you live in the UK it's by far the best place for your diy hardware and food safe squishy plastic bottles.

Niceone, just got 10 of them, i really dont like mixing juice so its much better being able to do a big bottles than loads of littler ones. The tips on them are hard to get off (ones off FT bottles seem to fit) and they needed a screwdriver putting through them to allow more juice through but other than that they are good. Got 300ml of Forrest fruit and 300ml of cherry cola - should last a while before having to make more :D

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(The white cap unscrews off - the red cap tip pops off) 2.99 for 3 = I LIKE click here: >
3 Pack 8 Oz

Depending on amount of ML you absolutely *need* These are perfect for PG VG multiple uses for DIY (no cinnamon, strong menthol) they are soft for those of us with cripped up hands.

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