Sonnenschein1701 wrote:

Well, judging from the pics, they look very white.

Heck, they contain 100 ml. It will take you some time until you vaped THAT amount away. And even a moron will notice when they're empty.

And these are PE, so they're fine for your juice

The are many jucies sold in non see thru bottles.

If you don't want them, I'll take them. They're perfect for DIY

Received today and already in the bin.

It used to say translucent and it's not so how do you know it's PE?

About 5 years ago I bought a bunch of bottles that looked remarkably similar to these, right down to the cap seal material, for decanting gallons of Weldbond.

Maybe they're fine, maybe they're not. If you don't care, fill your boots.