neovdr wrote:

The "switcheroo" happens due to FT's business model. The manufacturer/reseller of the OEM sends FT a sample, which get placed on the product directory. We then order from FT and the manufacturer/reseller gets an order for x units. If we get different units and whine about them they switch the pics. It can happen in a beneficial way as well though. If you look at the VA Chaplin (Gold plated SS+POM) they show single o-rings in the pics. The drip tip that will arrive to you is going to be wider bore with double o-rings. It is just the name of the game.

Ft's business model should include verification of stock against what they have listed. I know this would be hard to do given the vast amount of products they deal with, but in the long run they could avoid lost time (and money) due to returns, payment disputes, etc. Not to mention customers lost.

I know this is only a cheap bottle, but I still wonder if this will be more common here. I don't like buying ' a pig in a poke'

I still think FT is a great place to buy though. They have always took care of me anyway.