Get these order 2 sets if you want the same colour bottom and top, kudos to Shelagh Stone for this find btw,

Break it down completely,

Remove all seals other than the chimney one that goes inside the top cap unless you have a spare,

Clean all components and remove the bottom screw from the deck and pull out the pin, insulator, peek insulator on deck and the metal post on one side, clean as like the rest of the tank, this is the deck pin not the 510 in the flow control btw,

Reassemble the deck after drying all you removed from it,

Make a new coil, recommend 6 wraps of 24 AWG 316L SS and final position it about 1-2 mm above the vent hole,

Fit the new seals bottom and top, they sit in the groove just lovely, you need the middle sized one, not the one with the ledge or the flimsey one, chuck them aside and maybe they'll fit something else, think the chunky one might do an Orchid V6 glass, edit, nope too big,

Now you need the Scottish Wick,

Finally dampen the wicks and push back to sit on the deck, not in the channels and fit chimney bottom and adjust cotton if need be, fit top of chimney and re-assemble the rest, close airflow and open fill port, then lay it on it's side,

Fill it up and close the fill port plus open the airflow and if you followed my coil advise you should be sitting 0.5ish on the scale, do the first couple of puffs at a low 20's wattage and then go up as far as 35w until you find your sweet spot,

The combo of the new seals and the wick method transforms this tank from a leaky dry hitter to a vaper to be reckoned with, if you do this please say how you got on, my two are unrecognisable to how they were a few days ago, gone from the to be replaced box to back to the top and 1st choice again.