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We’re paying congress millions to do nothing. We’re paying Trump nothing to do everything.
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Steelshade wrote:

He needs the clowdz to impress the girl to get the baby and then go off to war to get away from them.

LOL.. Funny.. Goodnight all..

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Eons ago, a sixteen year old could father a child (but not get married without parental sign off), shoot people for their country, smoke, ride a motorbike but not have a beer in a pub unless they were eating food and accompanied by an adult. They also had another five years wait if they had a penchant for man on man action, presumably because the government 'knew' that all homosexuals are also pedos.
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Hello, Bartholomeww. Thank you for your question.

As you can see from any of our e-cig product page, there is a note to tell you that you confirmed that you have reached the age of majority in your country of residence by adding the item to your shopping cart.

If you are underage, please do not purchase any e-cig products. Fasttech will not ship E-cig products to underage customers, your order will be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding.
I apologize in advance if my answers aren't specific enough-- in most cases I can't provide order specific help in forums. For more personalized answers, please open a support ticket instead. Thanks!