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Need some friendly advice: should I buy case for protection
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#1 (permalink)      9/28/2015 2:35:43 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Need some friendly advice: should I buy case for protection
Well, I'm thinking whether I should by some silicone protection for Subox (Kbox, actually) (or some other type of protection) or not. From one side, it looks beautiful and soon it will not, 'cause it just lies down in my pocket, with my metallic lighter and other stuff. From the other side - it is just a think, made to be used, not to be thoroughly cared about, in fact. Some buddhism stuff, actually =)
So, should I actually care that much about it or just to be careful enough not to break it? What do you think?
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+1 details
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Something to go with Robert's 'hats' above .....

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If you buy a nice cover for it and pamper it, it will blow the board within the month. If you slap it around and scuff it up, it will look like hell for the next 2 years.

I've given mine over to a Taifun GS2. I love the set. I have a sleeve coming for it. If it blows out, I won't replace it but it IS a really handy size and shape.
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