Moran wrote:

so as i always do i ordered big order at 16/9/2015 including this subox mini...was listed at this item shipping in 5 days... all was looking good after waiting all items was ready for shipping exept this subox mini so i opened ticket and they said another 10 days restocking at 24/9still no shipping i opened another ticket and they said next restocking at 4/10 so i said i will wait :know 4 october is gone and i just been told next restocking at 15 october Wtf is going on?0.oive been using nothing but fasttech since like year and half spent a hell of money for you guyz atleast you shouldve come clean from the start and list not in stock and not as it was listed 5 days and after i buy it it then says restocking and the restocking keeps delaying from date to date wtf i pay the money based on 5 days ship lie and its my right to have this item and no i dont refund i want this item thats why i payed for i expect from fasttech to get me my items that i pay lot of money in i said ive been spending alot of my money here over the time and could be my last order ur lost my lost i dont know really but what i know for sure that i demand a coupon code atleast for my troubles if you guyz want me to still regular customer...ill post some of my tickets here to see what im talking abouttickets in this link:


Someone can link u to the good STM clone.

The mod has a fixed pin.

So far, only my STM works on it properly.

In future, don't trust FT "Ships in # days"

Sometimes they have a long wait time & suddenly ship weeks ahead of schedule- like non-black Evic VTC mini.
(several times my items have shipped sooner than I expected)

I've noticed that recently FT has put in a few "ETA"-
an improvement....

They could save themselves a lot of aggravation if they stopped the "Ships in # days".....