DarthNeighbour wrote:

count your self lucky
i got an order on geebee and waited 3 weeks for stock
i was checking it yesterday and they had a limited stock 10 units on offer 1/2 price
1 they wont give me the refund 50%
2 they still haven't shipped mine

I purchased for the first time there 3 weeks ago
realizing afterwards that no one was shipping
and they hadn't sent it
i quickly contacted PayPal and told them I wanted a refund, that the company was not able to send out of China, China Post was refusing orders, etc and then quickly contacted geebee myself, told them the same, that i wanted a refund, that they were selling items fully aware that they could not be sent out momentarily and they gave me back a refund instantly
i was suprised........if you used PayPal try that

I do agree with the OP. When I started buying from here "in stock" meant exactly that with few exceptions. Recently "in stock" has no meaning. It is quite misleading in my opinion and a sure way to get new customers to never shop here again.

I agree with the OP as well
he has every right to negotiate a better deal
if you don't try you wont obtain

95% of my customer base are either Chinese or Indian
I've had a crash course in bartering thanks to both
they respect those that do
so should the OP at least try
would have attempted that privately though at first

Haha, I know exactly which site ur talking about. ;) The first day another site posted the site that was selling HCigar VT200 for $119, I hesitated and yesterday when I wanted to buy it and it's gone, but that Austin based site sells a lot of cheap stuff though.

I had the page open
was busy dealing with something else and JUST about to press the send button and hubby started getting angry
"oh no NOT another one? How many do you need?"
Had to spend 3 mins explaining that i don't begrudge him his "toys to which point he agreed
went back and all sold
hubby will never live that one down
Loved the ads they had up---Tired of no shipping from China? Buy here...LOL
I was impressed with their ability to take advantage