So after six months of extremely heavy use and abuse of mine, sadly.. it's near the end of it's life. Fire button no longer clicks, and I fear that one day soon it will no longer function. The threading on the 510 "mod side", has become cross threaded and I have to force the tank into it so it's seated properly - also only a matter of time until it's no longer usable.

These are the only two issues that I've had with this device in the six months that I've had it and they are only with the mod itself, and not the tank. The tank is a die hard little champ, and would have been fine for many more months of use on another mod; although I've already ordered the new topbox mini started kit from here. Overall, this device is awesome, and pretty damn durable considering what I've put it through at work "I'm a welder" with dropping it, and all the various dings it's taken, plus using it for about 10 to 15ml of juice daily, for six months.

Pretty good for something that was reasonably cheap and I would buy it again for sure.

Hopefully, "fingers crossed" it will hold on for the month that it takes for shipping from China to Canada for my new topbox mini to arrive.