I'm gonna make a suggestion here. Don't buy anything with replaceable batteries for now. Buy something with fixed batts.

The reason I am telling you this, is that lithium ion batteries can be hard to import in a lot of countries. For the price of a couple of batteries you could buy a couple of Karnoos or other simple built-ins.

Base your choice on easy-to-understand for now. As you go along and learn things, you can upgrade bit by bit and it won't cost you much and you can learn to work within your budget and how to plan for shipping times and all that stuff.

You have years, if you want them, to build up your supplies and your skillz. For now, you just want to get something better than your vape pens that will give you better taste and performance. The problem is, experienced vapers tend to forget what it was like when they were new and there was so much to learn.

When I started it was simple stuff and it was two years later that I learned to make my own ejuice. Then it was another year before I started building my own atomizers and I still make the most inexpensive kit I can find. Dunno about you but I'm in this to save money and stay off smokes.

Lots of times I see poor n00bs spend a fortune on equipment that is overpriced and they can't maintain its functioning. So choose something you understand and that will be easy and cheap for you to use and that has a reputation for reliability.

And I agree with the suggestion that you cruise YouTube to figure out how to work with, and maintain your kit. Before you buy anything, look and see if it's too much work or simple enough to learn from.