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this isnt the Silverplay (2018) is it?
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The most innovative part about the new silverplay is the swap-able air disks for under the coil. The two reviews I saw on it though two of the disks are from what they are saying pretty much the same thing, and it only comes with 3 total, or you can use no air insert at all giving it four total options, but only three different feeling options.

I am not sure why but I kind of want one regardless, and I don't do MTL much at all. I feel like though if I look through old stuff I can probably find something just as good.

I am not running out to pay 45.00 for it though, it will be/should be 20.00 30.00 in no time. Prices on the majority of the new authentic gear has been dropping fast. Unless trade deals get all screwed up for us in the states.
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EternalSpline wrote:

The most innovative part about the new silverplay is the swap-able air disks for under the coil.


...i've seen that on other atties aleady ?

GEEK IS BACK !!!, so maybe i'll be back too, sometimes.
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FapiFapo wrote:

About this atty : its a nice double coil atomizer,easier to build than the Orchid (the deck is exactly the same as the Silverplay V1).Not much space,but allows up to 24 Ga 2,5-3 mm coils,which is already nice.You won't have to use the bottom fill screw : in fact you can even put some glue on it to shut it up definitely ,and fill the tank the old school way by unscrewing it.You got a rounded + flat topcap to accomodate to your esthetical tastes,plus an extra glass tank and extra SS tank.You can use old Kayfun parts if you like to customize your vapes.Flavour is on par if not superior to 2018 atomizers because of that reduced and DOMED chamber.Airflow is pretty versatile,from MTL to slightly reduced DLSo yeah,for 10 bucks,you will hardly find something better in that category if you are a normal wire user.Also, read the reviews if you don't trust me,most are written by trustable old timers.

Fapi, I liked the photo of yours so much that I looked into this atty; and it arrived today!

Wicking was a bit unexpected, since I don't have the history a lot of forum members do. But it's intuitive and easy to understand.

I'm impressed by the number of extras that this comes with. Love the choice of different top caps. I've refilled successfully both through the removeable screw on the deck base as well as with the tank compartment +jfc detached from the deck section.

The gold version is somewhere between magnificent and monstrous on a gold Tesla Invader III, depending on one's aesthetics.

So far, I've used 2.5 mm 26ga kanthal coils, arriving at 0.4 ohm or thereabouts. Juice flow control still has me a bit confused, but it wicks well, and flavour notes seem good.

While the market pushes ever forward with yet another Youtube review-endorsed mashup, I'm becoming more and more interested in these understated masterpieces from the past.

If you like threads and don't mind a long tank RTA, this is $8.86 for chrissakes. never regretti.

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