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The VP series Xtars do do 1a charge rate which is about the 0.5c "standard rate" for most of the 18650s we use in vaping, but i always charge my 18650s at 0.5a. I'm not sure how much we gain by being gentle in this way, possibly not much but i like to be kind to batteries. I also use Xtar chargers because i trust them not to burn my house down if i go out or to sleep and leave some unabused samsung/lg/panasonics charging so 5 hour charge as opposed to ~3 isn't a problem for me lol

(ha) edit: as for usb power - I'd probably use an older non-"smart" 1-1.3a phone charger for the MC2. a decent one like HTC's old 5v1a unit that came with models like Desire C should have no problems. The charge controllers in these units tend to draw slightly less than 500ma at 5v when charging a 4.2v cell at 500ma rate and the ~2a "detecting" units such as crApples chargers and modern android phone chargers can be problematic with things that don't have the necessary circuitry in their cables to trigger the charger - this is one of the problems with the VC4 charger.