bah, just be grateful you never had to suffer through any photos of scooters.

TBH, I leave the photo taking to my partner who sees things I would never see with my naked eye.
But unfortunately I was also forced to have many a photo taken for about 2 decades.

I am also the worst photo subject and he wanted to kill me many a photo taking moment!
I haven't allowed a photo taken in over 8 years NOR do i have much interest in taking photos.

Was forced into a co starring role in a short film once.
Played the film festival here but i refused to go + never have seen it nor ever will.
I am sure i was likely as bad in it as I am at taking photos.

You want a photo of a Pico?
You got it!

Sheesh, TOUGH crowd!!!! :)


Its not as if we dont all know what a friggin' Pico looks like :P