ShelaghStone wrote:

Wasn't aware that there were little silicone cases for the pico..

not fond of the look BUT my hands are a bit smaller than most males so i do find the pico a bit wide to hold, in my hand, unlike the evic, which is a better width.
The silicone case may at least make it a bit less slippery in the hand.

Have you had cosmetic surgery recently to make your hands smaller?

ShelaghStone wrote:

It's wider, but not too wide for my small hands,(narrower than my current small phone) and shorter than Evic mini.

did i just read that correctly?
your hands are shorter than an evic mini?

No, that can't be right...

Page 18 - where you didn't find the SX Mini too heavy or too big.

I used to grip iStick 30- Pico just sits comfortably.
Pico is ~5mm wider than Evic, and rounded- far more comfortable.
Derringer V3 & Pico are almost completely hidden in my hand (which is still the same size it was 2 1/2 months ago)
Pesky driptip

@ipico TBH, I think that the iStick 30 was a better vape than the pico, at least in wattage mode. I haven't used it in SS in TC. Using TC less and less. I am happy with kanthal as I am with SS in wattage mode. Actually, in the end, I prefer kanthal. Simple, easy. I am done, personally putting any more energy into vaping, beyond actually vaping if that makes sense.

iStick 30 was crap in VW.
I barely used it after I got a better mod, and I endured the size & weight of that better mod because the vape was far superior.
Pico is almost as good as my best VW- perhaps as good.

All my TC mods give me a better vape in TC than my best VW mod.

I've been resisting buying several more Picos since the day I got it.
Since I mainly use RDAs, & lyocell so no need to have many mods on the go.