Randallwhiz wrote:

I've got an original 20w istick, has to be close to a year old now, that works perfectly fine because I know how to take care of my shit. Hell, I got a working gripper 6 volt from 2012 in my drawer that works, too. Vape much? Dec 1, 2010. Quit date.

Got several from 2014 that still work.

But.....they are all mods that had Nautilus attys on top which never leak at all.
( as I suspect most of yours might be)

Find some attys will be leak underneath if left for too long on top of a mod without usage, with rebuilt coils, etc.
Sure, everyone will tell you theirs doesn't but leave 'em long enough and there is often a ring of condensation underneath.
For that reason I dont leave attys sitting on top of unused or rarely used mods nowadays.

Have 2 Picos.
My black one, the one i use more is about 3 months old.
Its starting to act up with TC/SS.
Has done so for about a month.
Not horrible, I still use it but every once in awhile no matter the SS atty I put on top will start to show errors.
Put that same atty on top of any other mod and none show.
Take attys from other mods without problems, put them on top of that black pico and errors show.
Still only needs a few seconds to fix but.........I dont think this Pico will last a year.

But for $30 i dont care.
Id still buy another one if it only lasted 3 months IF i needed one.