I've got an original 20w stick, has to be close to a year old now, that works perfectly fine because I know how to take care of my shit.

Well, it's likelier that you got a good unit to start, even if you do pamper them :P Odds are we will get good devices, but there's always a percentage that will be bad due to mass production. It's simply the nature of electronic components... no abuse required :)

I have an SVD that is the same. Works great even now, and I don't give a fuck about 'taking care' of it. In other words, I haven't had the misfortune of dropping it in water, running over it, etc.( in which case it would be expected to fail ) It just works like it's suppose too 'within reasonable perimeters of use'... like I expect for my money. Nothing magic about it.

Vape gear is a tool for me. I've never been one to make fashion statements with such, or OCD about the way I treat it. If it can't do the job, I'll find one that does. In this case, the pico has been stellar. I use this tool to fit my lifestyle, and it has exceeded expectations. I'm quite impressed with it @ 25 bux. I always leave my atty attached ready to go. I lay it on it's side , upside down, bouncing in my pocket on tractors, mowers, climbing ladders, etc. with no leaks or fails. The only times I've had leaks was when I used a crap atty, or I top filled without turning the JFC off...shit happens, and again if that was all it took to kill it, I wouldn't own another.

There have been reports of bad units with the pico. At least here, FT will do whats right, and send out a replacement. Thats more than a lot of others that sell out of vape shops will do, and the reason I don't buy from them.

From the Op's description, it sounds like a bad board. OP deserves a working device.

Oh, and I started march 2010 with my last cig mid June of the same year. I have tons of shit, and as rough as I am, have never had a failure with exception of a bad board. Thats why I have more mech's than regulated stuff...they are more reliable.