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The Pico must have nine lives...
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#1 (permalink)      2/3/2019 7:49:32 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The Pico must have nine lives...
Bought during the summer of 2016... It has survived a fall off a second story roof, Lost in the forest on a 4 wheel path and ran over with an I beam used to clear the path... Also survived all the normal drops onto various surfaces... A few weeks ago I lost it in the snow during some extremely cold weather and this morning the snow melted so I was able to find it a bit water logged. It was powered on when lost and off when found... Pulled the battery and tested 3.53 volts, put the Pico next to a heater vent for the day... Just now I took my chances and dropped a battery in and it works as if nothing happened...

Luckily when I lost it the first time (4 wheel path) I bought a back up Pico that held me over for the last few weeks... Other than replacing the 510 insulator these things have been indestructible no matter how hard I try to break them ;)

If you are wondering the battery is also perfectly fine...
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unlike you, Vapor...
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I think I was spoilt being my first mods, because I got two of them and they have been flawless.

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They didn't do bad on the Squeeze2 either, better than most squonkers I've had so far, no leaking being the key point, it's a little quirky.
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Mines has bn dropped in bucket of water and broke in half during concrete fall its taped up now the black one with a cover on it so you dont see the tape lol but still works mines is pico 25 and both took some beatings ,both still work
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