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Weak glass
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#11 (permalink)      2/8/2017 2:18:16 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Taifix wrote:

Ok Wotofo - best solution here for me is teflontape on the top of the glass. This solved my troubles fast and cheep.
Besides from this we have a great tank here!
Like the Ammit NO Leaking with right wicking! Great taste, good airflow and good capacity for a little while :-)
Need to correct my (unpublished) negative review up a bit.
To take it like this - would be nice to include teflontape and say you were stoned :-)
Do better next time!
Tank is great with good taste!
Try Single coil Fused Clapton SS 28ga/32ga and see yourself with Koh Gen Do or similar. It´s amazing!

Hello! Can you make a picture of teflontape on glass and you replaced o-ring with this tape or you have both o-ring and tape?

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+1 details
I use both - o-ring and tape:
Take some teflon and cut it with scissors. Use the bigger piece and roll it together gently: